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About us

Kazuri, which means “it’s Small & Beautiful” in Swahili, began in 1975 as a tiny workshop experimenting in hand crafted ceramic beads with only 2 women. Kazuri produces top quality handmade ceramic jewellery and pottery, hand-painted in our unique range of rich colours that reflect the culture, vibrancy and wildlife of Kenya.

Kazuri workshop in Karen nowadays employs a workforce of over 340 single-mothers skilled in the crafting of ceramic beads strung into beautifully and artistically created luxurious jewellery. The workshop is equipped with a clinic providing free medical care for the employees and their immediate families. Additionally Kazuri absorbs a large proportion of the medical bills incurred outside the Factory Clinic, among other social support to the women. This is a major boost to the society.


We are a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

Our Vision 

We deliver the pinnacle of luxury, handmade Ceramic Jewellery, made in Kenya, to the United Kingdom, Europe and the World.

Our Mission 

To provide and sustain employment opportunities for disadvantaged women members of Kenyan society, especially Single Mothers

To distribute luxury ethical jewellery in the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond enhancing widespread availability

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